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Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds

Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds
Ananka knows how to enjoy life - catch and eat birdies!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need to care more for my body

The past few days my Wii Fit program is stumbling a little. For the past few weeks I was easily doing 30 minutes of Wii Fit exercises and more. I've struggled to get to 30 minutes for the past few days though.

I'm not sure why exactly that is, but I'm still putting the time in. I just take a short rest in between exercises as needed. My body knows what it needs and I need to listen to what my body says.

I went to a funeral today, and only did what I easily could. But I won't congratulate myself too much, because I forgot to do some things to help myself. It would have been good if I'd brought cold water with me. It would also have been good if I'd worn my special cool scarf.

I got this scarf from the MS Society, two of them actually. They soak up water and stay cool for ages. Tomorrow, if I go out, I'm going to wear my scarf! It goes around my neck, looks good and keeps me cool, who could ask for anything more?

Anyway, tomorrow morning, I'll get up and do my Wii Fit exercise. I have no expectations of how it will go, I'll just have to see how it goes. At least I'm doing something to help my body to help me!

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Waiting for night to come

Waiting for night to come
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