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Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds

Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rate Your Way to a Better Life

I just found this on a list of things - 40 Tips For Getting “Unstuck” In Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

I received an email from a group ACT Mindfully | Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Training advertising a workshop. I'm not going to the course, I'm pretty sure it's too far away, and too expensive, but they had the list available for people, so I took a look. It's well worth looking at further, and I'm sure I will do that later, but this particular item jumped out at me and I felt I had to share it with you:

11. If you’re not sure where therapy is going, ask client to rate quality of life now on a scale of 0 to 10. Then ask what needs to happen to take it up one level. This leads you directly to goals, values and barriers.

This spoke so loudly to me, both personally, and in relation to other people I know and see. I can apply it to my own life at the moment and apply the quality of life rating to things that aren't going well, like I want them to go. I'm pussy-footing around doing something right now, and if I were to rate how I'm feeling about how that thing is going, I would have to rate it at a 5.

If I ask myself what needs to happen to take it up a level, and to then set goals to achieve that, and to list the values I have that will help it to occur, and the barriers there to stop it from happening, well then I would know what I have to do to hit the rating of 6.

Having written all of this down, I'm thinking about that 6 rating already, and I feel as though I am a tiny bee's breathe away from achieving it now, I've got an idea of what I have to do, and what might stop me from doing it. I also know what I have within me to help me to get it done.

I'm feeling powerful now, and I WILL get this thing done!

I hope you can find your way to get 'Unstuck'. Here is the website where they have lots of information about these things.

This way to get unstuck refers to what a therapist could suggest to a client to help them. I'm not a therapist, but a thinking person who cares about my own happiness and the happiness of others. Writing things down has been a tool I have used many times in my life, it helps me to think things through, and not waste time worrying.

I hope you can find ways to get unstuck in the important things in your life!

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