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Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds

Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds
Ananka knows how to enjoy life - catch and eat birdies!

Friday, January 9, 2015

An Interesting Challenge

I'm a member of the online group 'Daily Challenge'. This website has many members from around the world and has built up a big community of people who take on challenges sent to them via email  every day, and then report back on what they did.

There are different 'tracks' to choose from. You choose a track you want to follow, and do the challenges sent to you for the month (28 days), then you choose a different track. I usually choose to do tracks that get me moving, usually gentle moving for me, not full-on cardio rampaging. I enjoy the exercises, but for the past couple of months have gone for quite different things. My last track I've finished was all about uncluttering.

I'm a bit of a squirrel, the way I collect things and file them away for a rainy day, then forget where I put them, when the rain comes down. This uncluttering track was certainly a challenge for me. I did it though, tidying up a couple of things, spaces, handbags, my phone and so on. I hope the things I've learned about will keep on happening.

When I look over at one of the spots I tidied up, it still looks neater than it was. That doesn't mean it's absolutely pristine, but it doesn't look quite like a junk heap/fire hazard. It's a start, and everything has to start with something ... The track I'm on at the moment is all about finding fulfillment. - https://challenge.meyouhealth.com/tracks/finding-fulfillment

My challenge for the day was to write a letter to myself now, from myself in five years time. It was an interesting challenge, where I had to think about where I want to be in five years time, and what I want to be doing. I also had to think about what advice or encouragement I could/should give to myself living here and now. Useful things to think about, that's for sure. The idea is that the person doing this challenge will take on that positive outlook for their life and their choices and it will help them to achieve what they want to achieve.

I certainly hope some of what I wrote comes true, but even if it doesn't, I'll have fun working at doing all I can to help it to come into my life. And isn't that an important thing? The destination may be wonderful, but the actual journey undertaken to get to that destination can be wonderful too. I'm enjoying my life, my journey to the greatness I aim at (tee hee), but even if I never actually make it to greatness, only pretty goodness, it's still a good life I'm living.

Do you ever get so caught up in doing the mundane things in the daily struggles of life that you forget about the wonderful things you're working toward? Or do you forget to look around, and enjoy the journey you're on? Having challenges, and thinking about them often can help you stay on a positive track in life, and yes, that wonderful destination may well be reached. And even if you never reach that wonderful place, the views and adventures along the way will be well worth seeing and doing!

Sharing my challenges and results to the people I connect with on Daily Challenge is fun - we meet each other, and get an understanding of their lives, and can become far-away friends. One day, I would love to meet up with some of my lovely friends from this website! Some of them are from South Australia, and it would be simple enough to actually meet them for real, but the others, in America, and other places, well, who knows what may happen! Making the connections online may be the first step to overseas fun. My community stretches all the way across the world!

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Waiting for night to come
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