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Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds

Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Helping you to sleep at night

I’m interested in knowing whether my tactic to help me sleep at night works for other people too. I’ve had troubles with getting to sleep sometimes, and don’t like the idea of taking medication for the problem.

My troubles haven’t been severe for a long time, but I was still a little bit concerned about the length of time I was taking to fall asleep, so I tried a couple of different methods. The first was simply going to bed when I was feeling a bit sleepy, then lying down and concentrating on my breathing.

This worked OK, but wasn’t a sure-fire bet to work, so I kept thinking about it. Next I tried the slow breathing again, and counting my breaths. This seemed to work better, but I wasn’t sure if it was really working because I wasn’t paying attention to the numbers enough.

So, next I decided to count for a certain number of deep slow breaths. The number of breaths I was to count to was 500 breaths. I’ve been doing this sleep-making method for a number of weeks now, and I’m happy to be able to report that I am yet to get to the number 500!

I start the counting and slow breathing, and I go to sleep. If I’m disturbed before I get to 500, I start again from the beginning – one … two … three … and so on, and zzzzzz asleep!

I ask others reading this blog post, who have trouble sleeping, to give this method a try, and let me know how it goes for you. 

We could be onto a healthy and wonderful non-chemical treatment!


Marie said...

I'll give it a try, Carolyn!

Carolyn Cordon said...

OK Marie, I hope it works for you too!

Waiting for night to come

Waiting for night to come
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