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Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds

Ananka - one of our Pharaoh Hounds
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Creating a new person/persona

I was just fiddling with this website, and shifted my photo to a different spot(underneath my blog entries), and it got me thinking. Always dangerous, me thinking, you never know what might happen!

Anyway, it occurred to me that I've created a new persona for myself. I had an idea of myself being a thinner person, and hey presto! one year later, here I am, 15 kilos lighter and wearing size ten jeans.

Am I a different person because of my weight loss? No, not really, except I feel superior to others because I've done what do many people can't or won't do. But I feel sorry for people who want to lose weight but can't manage to do it. I've got lots of thoughts on this matter, and I reckon it's a complex issue.

The only thing I know is what worked for me, but I firmly believe that my method could work for other people too. I've written an ebook "How to lose weight and keep it Off" about it and it's for sale at a low price here

Basically, I think the problem lots of people have is they don't take a long-term view on the matter. It takes a long time for your waist to go from think to thick. It's going to take a long time for it to go from thick to thin. Weight loss is not about 'going on a diet' it is about changing your lifestyle.

I lost weight by paying attention to my body. Now, I don't eat if I'm not hungry, and I make better choices on what I eat. There are no excuses for scoffing a 'family' sized block of chocolate or a big packet of chips. You know that food will end up on your bum or tum.

Going on a diet implies going off a diet. Eating better food for the rest of your life doesn't mean never pigging out, it just means eating good food most of the time. And if you can get some exercise in there too, that's great.

I've done it, you can too. I'd love to have a chat about my journey and yours. Make a comment and we can talk. I've got lots of good food ideas!

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Waiting for night to come
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